Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.16.07 PMClassCyc’s owner, Celeste, is a certified Spinning instructor through Madd Dog Athletics. Spinning and boxing are her two favorite fitness activities. Her love of fitness began when she started beach volleyball at the age of ten. She even competed in two pro beach volleyball tournaments in her twenties. Celeste is a UCSB graduate in Interdisciplinary studies. She’s also a 4.5 rated tennis player and enjoys golf in her free time.  Helping people who don’t consider themselves an athlete to enjoy the benefits of exercise puts a big smile on her face!  Celeste’s favorite quote is, “Fitness is not about being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you used to be.”



Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 11.21.07 AMTerrance Brown loves utilizing his natural gift to encourage people to get and stay in shape both as a fitness instructor and as a motivational speaker. His ultimate goals are, to teach and inspire individuals to transform their lives while having fun doing it. Terrance understands that being fit isn’t just about the number on the scale: it’s about a lifestyle. He brings this infectious passion for health wellness, and most importantly, self-love, to every class that he teaches and every person that he encounters. Browns style of cycling is a rhythmic dance/spinning class accompanied with great music! Just imagine transferring your dance moves from the dance floor to the spinning class! Terrance is spin certified through Madd Dog Athletics and has been spinning for 3 years. He’s also a certified trainer through American Council on Exercise and International Sports Sciences Association. Terrance trains football, baseball, and basketball players. He also specializes in cardio boxing and has been boxing since the age of 12! In Terrance’s spin class he focuses on burning calories, building muscle tone, increasing cardio endurance, relieving stress, reducing risks of injury, and most importantly, having fun!



Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 9.02.40 AMByron graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Music Studies. He performed as Antonio in UCSB opera’s production of Le Nozze di Figaro and is currently teaching music at a few elementary schools in the area. He’s spin certified with Schwinn and has been consistently coming to the classes here at ClassCyc for several months. From a young age, Byron has been active in many sports such as gymnastics, basketball, and tennis and has continued with basketball and tennis all his life. Byron is now the coach of the UCSB club tennis team and has coached tennis in multiple summer camps to students from children to adults in their 60s. As a musician, Byron seeks to incorporate all types of different music into his workouts. As an athlete, he seeks to base each workout on a different aspect of fitness such as cardio or strength, which can be translated to everyday life and sports. Byron seeks to promote health and fitness with his positive and goofy mindset.

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